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                The only video channel dedicated to the world of cogeneration, the ideal technology to improve every industrial context thanks to the combined production of electrical and thermal energy. 
                This is Cogeneration Channel.

                Born in 2014, Cogeneration Channel shows energy-intensive realities how to take the path towards the energy transition, combining sustainability and competitiveness. Direct experiences and interviews with industry specialists offer insights and in-depth analyses for a complete overview of the subject.

                We are committed to making good practices known for a more efficient energy production, with a view to sustainability, better use of resources and competitiveness.

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                An editorial initiative of the AB Group, since 1981 the reference point for the energy sustainability solutions of companies.

                Cogeneration Channel was born from an editorial initiative supported by the AB Group. Together with Biogas Channel and Biomethane RNG Channel, it is an integral part of NetZero Tube, the first network of thematic channels dedicated to the key technologies necessary to achieve the zero net emissions goal.

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