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                European Commission Communication “Securing our Future”

                07 February 2024

                On 6th February 2024 the European Commission published the Communication “Securing our Future – Europe's 2040 climate target and path to climate neutrality by 2050 building a sustainable, just and prosperous society”.

                With this document, the EU Commission recommends setting a target at the EU level for reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by 90% (compared to 1990 levels) by 2040. The Commission’s Communication stresses the need to mobilise all available zero-carbon and low-carbon solutions, including energy efficiency, to decarbonise Europe’s energy systems.

                Defining targets in good time will enable the EU to put in place the necessary policies and investments to ensure that the transition to climate neutrality goes hand in hand with a strong and stable economy, competitive industry and future-proof jobs in Europe, with sustainable and affordable energy, food and materials.

                EU Commission affirms that we need to harness all zero and low carbon solutions to decarbonise the energy system by 2040 including renewables, nuclear and bio-energy, energy efficiency and storage, carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCU and CCS), carbon removals, geothermal, hydro-energy and all other current and future net-zero energy technologies.

                Commenting on the Commission’s Communication, Hans Korteweg, COGEN Europe’s Managing Director, said: "COGEN Europe fully supports the European Union’s objective of achieving a climate neutral energy system by 2050, and Europe’s cogeneration sector is ready to play its part in helping to meet the EU’s emission reduction target for 2030 and significantly cutting energy sector emissions by 2040. A range of cogeneration technologies are already available that can enhance energy efficiency and strengthen system resilience, whilst making the most efficient use of precious energy sources such as renewable biogas, biomethane and clean hydrogen. Cogeneration can play a key role in terms of balancing supply and demand across increasingly integrated energy systems, complementing intermittent renewables and supporting electrification.”

                Read the full Communication: 2ccd7710-5fc3-420f-aeb8-9a3af271f970_en (

                Q&A page of the EU Commission: Communication on Europe's 2040 climate target (

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