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                25 März 2024

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                Gruppo Amadori is one of the main leaders in the Italian food industry. Specializing in the poultry sector, it has a market share of around 30% of the total poultry meat in Italy. At its plant in San Vittore di Cesena (Italy), Amadori had a wastewater treatment plant that had become insufficient to meet the demands of increasing industrial production and the need to reduce the environmental impact and costs of waste disposal generated.

                • The challenge: to build and start up the plant during normal operation of the existing plant and industrial activity without disrupting ongoing production.

                • The solution: Fluence orchestrated a meticulous overhaul of the wastewater treatment facility integrating an anaerobic digestion system with a CSTR digester and remodeling the existing aerobic plant. Fluence also replaced the old belt press for the separation of the solid and liquid fractions of digestate with a high-efficiency centrifugal system. Finally, a new 1 MWh biogas cogeneration plant was installed to produce electricity.

                • The results: Production of biogas from slaughterhouse wastewater and ready meal breading waste converted into electrical and thermal energy (ca 6100 m3/d Methane, eq. to ca 1000 kWh).


                Find out more in the document HERE


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