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                  Biomethane/RNG now has its own dedicated video platform, the new Biomethane RNG Channel now supports the renewed Biogas Channel

                  19 October 2022

                  Orzinuovi (Bs) – 19 October 2022.  The current energy crisis requires a quick change of pace towards a national mix for an increasingly renewable and more sustainable generation of energy. In this sense, the decision to incentivize the production of RNG becomes strategic to achieving this ambitious goal in the shortest possible time, contributing to the country’s transition and energy security.

                  In view of these issues, the Biomethane RNG Channel is being launched today, the first video channel dedicated to the world of RNG, offering a comprehensive view of the role it plays in the ecological transition, in the decarbonization of transport and in ensuring energy security. The Biomethane RNG Channel, developed from decades of experience gained with the renewed Biogas Channel, comes about at a time in which the adoption of large-scale biofuels has become a priority and is the first and only video channel dedicated to the world of RNG, in all its applications. The new channel, with 200 videos that have already been uploaded, represents a powerful tool to learn more about this alternative fuel, through the contribution of hundreds of industry experts and the direct experience of those who have invested in an RNG project.


                  The experience gained over the years with the Biogas Channel, the only video channel dedicated to the world of biogas and which today has been enhanced with a new graphic layout and a new logo, played an essential role in the development and launch of the new channel. Since 2013, this media has reached an audience of over 30,000 users per year from more than 200 countries and collected more than 1,700 videos with testimonies at an international level, participating in the most important sector conferences and visiting biogas plants around the world to tell their success stories. The international video channel dedicated to biogas has always offered a careful selection of content in terms of the quality of the sources and the validity of the experiences. In fact, all the videos are designed and produced to help disseminate the most accurate and updated knowledge and information on the world of biogas and to promote the development of the sector, enabling it to become a guarantee of a sustainable supply of electricity and heat, contributing to the energy independence of all countries.


                  At the same time as the launch of the new thematic Biomethane RNG Channel, NetZero Tube is also being deployed, the portal that acts as a collector of information in the biogas, RNG and cogeneration fields and serves as the editorial reference point at an international level for technologies that can contribute to the achievement of the net zero emissions goal. NetZero Tube, a real accelerator of best practices, consists of three multilingual video channels: the renewed and upgraded Biogas Channel and Cogeneration Channel, as well as the newly launched Biomethane RNG Channel. With detailed insights and analysis into industry best practices, research developments, technological innovations, legislative and regulatory aspects, association-related activities and opportunities offered by the main markets, NetZero Tube represents a complete guide for professionals and an updated point of reference for all information related to efficiency.


                  This new international communication challenge is an editorial initiative of the AB Group, company that has been the reference point for energy sustainability solutions since 1981.  The three web channels, united in the NetZero Tube portal, are the first thematic media network dedicated to the key technologies for the achievement of the zero net emissions target for the sector, with the key mission of promoting correct and updated knowledge on the subject, expanding the global debate, giving space and voice to the leading players on the market who intend to respond to the growing global interest.


                  Biogas Channel (

                  The only video channel dedicated to the world of biogas, the renewable gas that plays a key role in the production of sustainable and programmable energy. To date, the Biogas Channel boasts more than 1,700 videos, 30,000 unique users per year and over 20,000 followers.

                  Biomethane RNG Channel (

                  The first video channel dedicated to the world of RNG, offering a comprehensive view of the role it plays in the ecological transition, in the decarbonization of transport and in ensuring energy security.

                  NetZero Tube (

                  The NetZero Tube portal collects testimonials, interviews, ideas and insights in the fields of cogeneration, biogas and RNG, to accompany you on the path towards the energy transition.

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