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                  Mission Biogas: Mission Possible at World Biogas Summit (10-11 July, Birmingham, UK)

                  26 June 2024

                  Biogas Channel is a media partner of the World Biogas Summit and Expo 2024

                  • When: 10-11 July

                  • Where: Birmingham, UK

                  Senior representatives from the UN, OECD, CACC, PepsiCo, TotalEnergies, and leading environmental organizations will convene at the NEC Birmingham on 10-11 July to discuss global biogas initiatives.

                  The World Biogas Summit 2024, organized by the World Biogas Association (WBA), follows the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2023, predicting rapid growth in the anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas sector through 2030.

                  This two-day forum, focused on AD and biogas, will cover key aspects of the sector, including international context, emerging markets, waste management, city infrastructure, and finance. It will highlight biogas's role in addressing climate change, energy and food security, and pollution. A CEOs forum will feature companies like TotalEnergies and PepsiCo discussing their integration of biogas to reduce carbon footprints.

                  Charlotte Morton OBE, WBA Chief Executive, emphasizes the importance of anaerobic digestion in mitigating methane emissions, crucial for maintaining a 1.5C world. AD could fulfil 50% of the Global Methane Pledge, presenting significant benefits for climate, agriculture, and health. The Summit aims to engage stakeholders in scaling this technology globally.

                  The WBA will introduce its #MakingBiogasHappen programme, aiming to expedite the establishment of necessary policies, regulations, and standards for biogas industry growth, including a Global Biogas Regulatory Framework and International Anaerobic Digestion Certification Scheme.

                  The Summit will be co-located with the World Biogas Expo, in partnership with the UK Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), offering insights into industry trends, technological innovations, and networking opportunities with over 150 exhibitors.

                  On the evening of 10th July, WBA and ADBA will host the AD and Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony, revealing the competition winners.

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