BIOGAS CHANNEL: il canale del biogas
BIOGAS CHANNEL: il canale del biogas
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                  2nd Annual Biogas Forum - 20,21 June 2023, Berlin

                  07 giugno 2023

                  After a successful first edition, Inventu is happy to announce the 2nd Annual Biogas Forum that will take place on 20-21 June, 2023 in Berlin at the Holiday Inn Berlin Airport – Conference Centre.

                  The organizer recognized the need to address the challenges of the industry and the necessity to host a Forum which will get into the core of today’s topics of the biogas and biomethane industry. This time the focus will be the full value chain with all involved parties.

                  During the event there will be space to discuss the most pressing challenges of the industry, the obstacles and their ways towards solutions. To present the idea that in order to have the best possible outcome for everyone, all players from the industry will have TO MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER.

                  The Forum will gather the industry leading experts from Europe, to discuss the best practices, strategic approaches, create an invaluable connection, share experiences on the know-how and identify the needs that lie in the European biogas and biomethane market segment.

                  For more information and to register at the event, please visit the event website.

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